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Amy Adamson Bridal Hair

Bridal Hair Services

The trial will take place at my salon The Cwtch in Brynmill, Swansea.


At this time we can go through all your ideas for yourself and bridesmaids.  Bring along with you any images of ideas you have, along with your headdress and veil so you can see the entire look. Some brides like to have their makeup trial and dress fitting all on the same day so they can see the exact look before the big day.

Feel free to e-mail ideas you have beforehand and we can discuss via phone or e-mail any concerns you may have.


Please shampoo your hair the day before as freshly washed hair is less likely to hold. The trial usually takes around an hour to perfect your desired look. I will take photos of you at the trial and e-mail them on so we both know the look required on the day.

On the day I will arrive at your home or venue at a time confirmed at your trial. You will not need to do anything other than have your headdress, veil and bridesmaid hair accessories. Then relax and enjoy your special day.

Give me a ring on 07545 062 210 or e-mail for a consultation.

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